The equipment


Bossy Fitness Club provides a wide range of brand new top-quality training equipment. We have free weights, cable stations, isotonic machines, and cardio equipment from renowned brands like Lacertosus, Assault Fitness, Concept2, and Bear Fitness. Join us today and experience the best fitness equipment available!

Isotonic machines

Leg press, Leg Extension, Leg curl prono, Pull down, Low Row, Crossover cable station, Power rack training

Free Weights

Dumbells 5 – 30kg, Crossfit exhagonal dumbells 2,5 – 22,5 kg; Barbells, Multipower rack, Kettlebells 4 -32 kg, Wall balls 4 -12 kg


Power Runners Lacertosus, Assault Bike Pro, Cyclone Bike Lacertosus, Sky Erg and Rower Bear Fitness, Elliptical Life Fitness