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Our weekly class routine covers all the muscles of your body. Our classes combine the benefits of high intensity and functional training to improve posture, strength and endurance. BOSSY instructors will lead you to a continuous improvement while having fun. You will be an ever better version of yourself!


Full Body Medium Intensity


Arms & Abs


Lower Body & Core


Full Body High Intensity


Back & Chest 




Double row



A weekly workout routine that covers every muscle in your body. 50 minute sessions of pure fun with noticeable results in just a few weeks!



Barbells, dumbbells, cables, strength and cardio machines are at your disposal if you want to train on your own

Personal Training

Qualified personal trainers can guide you in personalized workouts or in small groups with whoever you want


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bossy is much more than a GYM is about becoming your best


“Allenamento divertente, stimolante, innovativo ed efficace, in una location tutta nuova del centro città. È un piacere allenarsi con voi ogni settimana: 45 minuti intensi e coinvolgenti che ti ricaricano per tutta la giornata”

Alice R.

“Finalmente una palestra con una proposta divertente e sfidante. I trainers sono professionali e attenti alle esigenze di tutti. I corsi di Functional training sono super!”

Melany L.

“Nuovo metodo di allenamento, divertente e super stimolante. 45 minuti che passano come fossero 10 ed è tutto merito degli istruttori che curano anche la tecnica dei movimenti.
Super consigliato!!!”

Emanuele R.


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Monday-Thursday: 6:45am – 21:00pm

Friday: 6:45am – 20:00pm

Saturday: 10:00am – 15:00pm

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